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We are Nordlið Merger creates agency of the future – with a focus on the customer experience

Av Sidsel Manich,


From 1 January 2017 RelationshusetGekko, included in the Bording Group, and Increase will merge, thus creating one of the largest dialogue agencies, Nordlið, which’ll be working with full service customer experience.

As of the new year the new bureau will consist of approximately 60 employees who are ready to advise and serve the more than forty customers that the two companies have throughout the whole Nordic region.

The new company expects a turnover around the DKK 60 million mark in 2017, but the long-term objective is to double that. Nordlið will soon be the market leader in value-added customer experiences (CX) – with a focus on strategy, innovation, content and the strongest marketing technology. The aim is to help all the companies in the Nordic region who want to be customer focused to actually succeed with the task.

Since 2007 Increase has specialized in marketing technology and the automation of marketing processes, such as life-cycle communications, data driven marketing and omnichannel customer experiences. RelationshusetGekko has, in turn, far more strategic and creative oriented competencies.

Building on Bording’s Nordic strategy it can be expected that Nordlið will increase its activities in the Nordic region.

The two already have a handful of common customers

“We have learned to know each other through joint projects and have become a strong team. By combining the agencies, we are given a competency palette which a maximum of three-four agencies in the Nordic region can match,” says Lasse Christensen from Increase.

Jan Køhler from RelationshusetGekko adds: “The task of being a customer focused business is often underestimated. It requires both strategic thinking and creative communications, as well as innovative processes and technical implementation. I’m sure that the future winners, at both the business and agency level, will be those who can reconcile precisely these competencies and find synergies across organizations.”

Four faces we know

Moving forward the management of Nordlið will consist of four people. Lasse Christensen is the CEO, Jan Køhler has responsibility for strategy, creativity and innovation, Maria Furbo has responsibility for service and operations, while Henrik Carentius has responsibility for consulting and sales. Nordlið is 55 percent owned by the Bording Group, with the rest owned by the above four.